True Detective is now Star Wars, because Internet (Video)


Remixing the opening credits to the first season of True Detective is something of a tradition, and it’s one that we love to see practiced. There have been some truly excellent mashups over the past year and some, including The Big Lebowski, and The Blue Man Group, just to name a few. It’s not that often, however, that True Detective has collided head-first with another fandom, but that’s exactly what we have on our hands here.

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Thanks to Star Wars Minute, we now have the opening of True Detective’s first season re-made with Star Wars. The video conveniently shows  both the original and Star Wars remix versions side-by-side so you can compare. Basically, Stars Wars Minute is proud of their work and wants you to see how faithful it is to the original. Nothing wrong with that.

Although we’ve seen a huge number of remixes and mashups of the first season credits, we can’t say the same for True Detective season two. The critics may be harsh on season two, but it did have a fantastic opening sequence. Perhaps it feels like old hat since it’s not terribly far removed from season one’s. Regardless, someone get on that.

You can check out the video below. You don’t need to be a Star Wars fan to appreciate the amount of work that went into it, but it certainly won’t hurt if you are.

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