True Detective Season Two is now a Sitcom


True Detective season two may still not be doing so hot in the reviews department, but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t fun to be had. We haven’t seen all that many True Detective fan creations while season two was airing, but we’re fine with waiting if it means most of them will be of this caliber. In defiance to season two’s ultra-dark tone, a fan has re-imagined True Detective as a sitcom starring Ray and his son. Yes.

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YouTube user Dan Goodman did the heavy lifting, creating the sitcom version of True Detective season two that we never knew we wanted. It even includes a laugh-track and a “filmed in front of a live studio audience” voice over.

This “episode” of “Velcoro & Sons” (he only has one son, not that we’re nitpicking,) covers the mega awkward chaperoned hangout and its aftermath. Some clever editing also includes the incident with Chad’s shoes, and Ray’s father.

Throw in some Seinfeld sounds, some pictures of Colin Farrell from other movies as an intro, and you’ve got yourself a sitcom. We guess. The creator clarifies that he was a fan of season two, so that’s worth keeping in mind. True Detective season two was so oppressively dark that it’s nice to see something ridiculous like this.

If you feel like you need an uplift, it’s just the thing for you. Maybe you just want a reminder as to how terribly awkward that particular father-son meeting was, though it unfortunately it doesn’t include the scene of Ray making fun of his son for wanting to watch Friends. We can’t have everything we want.

You can check out the video right here.

Via: The A.V. Club

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