Poll Results: Here’s What Fans Thought of True Detective Season Two’s Ending


The results from our latest poll are in, and they make for quite the interesting study. We asked whether or not the season finale of True Detective season two brought about a fuzzy, satisfied feeling. Well, we didn’t ask exactly that, but you get the gist. This was prompted by our own take on the finale, as well as our overall thoughts on the season. Oh, and of course, the general public distaste for True Detective season two.

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What we learned was in line with the general consensus among the True Detective fan community. What that also means is that it goes against the grain of popular opinion. This poll had more participants than any other that we’ve done, so apparently many fans already had a strong opinion on the subject. unsurprisingly (or surprisingly depending on where your own feelings lie) most fans that voted believe that season two had a great finale.

It wasn’t a small majority, either. Twenty percent more people voted for that option than the next one down, which still indicated a favorable opinion but with some caveats. In fact, the poll runs a nice decline starting from the first choice to the last — much like True Detective season two’s ratings, yuk yuk. Some people thought that the finale could have been better, but only a very small amount thought that it was terrible altogether.

There are a growing number of viewers out there who are starting to go to bat for True Detective. The time to hate on True Detective season two is coming to an end much sooner than expected. True Detective season two is dead, long-live True Detective.

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