Return to True Detective Season One with ‘You Think You Know TV?’ (Video)


Even though many didn’t enjoy True Detective season two, it so far has not tarnished the reputation of the first season. Viewers still hold the first season as aperfect entity, aided, perhaps, by season two’s failings. Sometimes it feels as if there will never be an end to all of the hidden goodies that True Detective season one has to offer.

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To that end, ScreenCrush has put together a five-minute segment as part of their “You Think You Know TV?” series. The video offers up twelve “unknown” facts about True Detective. Some of these will be well-known to serious fans, such as the fact that Pizzolatto is the sole writer. Others, as such True Detective originally being intended as a followup to his novel, Galveston, will be a little less known.

It’s also filled with some neat trivia. For instance, did you know that Rust only drinks eight beers on camera but smokes 49 cigarettes? Now you do! You won’t get any deep True Detective secrets here, though. Anyone wondering what that one little detail symbolizes may be disappointed. This is more for the average viewer that wants to know a little more about True Detective’s first season and not for the lore chasers.

We’ve been covering season two for so long that it’s actually a little nice to go back to season one for a bit. There’s also a nice shot of Cary Fukunaga whose presence was missed in season two.  This video is interposed with clips from the season which may give you the itch to give it another rewatch. We don’t take any responsibility for your 3rd, 4th, or 4th True Detective rematch that this may inspire.

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