Nic Pizzolatto Wins GQ’s Writer of the Year


There are some out there that would likely scoff at Nic Pizzolatto taking home almost any sort of writing prize at this point. While that may seem harsh, it’s not entirely without merit. The second season of True Detective had many issues, most of which stemmed from Pizzolatto’s unfocused writing. Still, there were plenty of moments that really stood out from the rest.

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Even with public opinion of True Detective at an all-time low (but slowly regaining favor) GQ chose Nic Pizzolatto as their writer of 2015. The award was given out a ceremony, a clip of which you can see below. The write-up from GQ also features a rare shot of a smiling Nic Pizzolatto — a creature we’re not used to seeing out in the wild.

Specifically, Pizzolatto was given the award by British GQ. Although he cracked some jokes, Pizzolatto accepted the award in his usual serious tone. He also thanked his wife. It’s worth noting that the award was given for the first season; there’s no mention of season two, and his walk to podium is even soundtracked by the firsts season opener, “Far From Any Road.”

The first major publication to award season two would be bold, indeed.

It’s amazing that Pizzolatto could still be pulling in recognition for True Detective’s first season. It’s in stark contrast to season two, which has yet to garner any awards or recognition. You can watch the entire short clip of Nic Pizzolatto receiving the award below. He certainly seemed more amiable in that HBO Connect Q&A he did a while back.

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