Don’t Worry, True Detective Season Three Will Likely Exist


Although it feels like the second season of True Detective has been off the air for a respectable amount of time, it actually hasn’t. Not according the world of television renewals, and certainly not in terms of HBO. Season two ended last month and there’s been no word on True Detective season three yet. There’s enough circumstantial evidence to believe that it’s in the works, however, but the lack of word from HBO has been enough to set some fans on edge.

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That’s to be expected during the True Detective off-season. The official True Detective social channels, such as their Twitter account, have already gone dark. Those that didn’t watch season one and only hopped on during season two may not be familiar with the True Detective way of doing things. That particular way includes a certain level of paranoia and secrecy that even the crew is subject to.

The last tweet from True Detective came eighteen days ago and was about the Q&A with Lynda Reiss, the Propmaster.

Still, we don’t know anything about True Detective season three. That doesn’t mean that we haven’t put our own imaginations to use, though. Just because there’s not currently enough to go on doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening. It’s true that many popular shows are given renewal notices right away, but that’s not always the case. When it comes to True Detective, everything is done in seemingly clandestine meetings.

The only truth that can be latched onto is that True Detective season three is a long way off. It’s time for the beast to slumber. HBO and Nic Pizzolatto will hammer out all of the particulars behind closed doors. But rest assured, when they are ready to show off True Detective season three, they’ll be sure to share as little as humanly possible.

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