Cary Fukunaga Gives His Best Interview to Vulture


Cary Fukunaga has been coming up a lot in the news recently. He was recently honored at the Princess Grace Awards and walked away from a dream project to his, a new version of Stephen King’s IT.  He’s also been busy promoting his new film, Beasts of no Nation, which will be heading to theaters and Netflix.

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Fukunaga took time to sit down with Vulture for their cover piece, and gave his best interview as of late. Vulture says upfront that True Detective isn’t a topic, but that quickly proves to be untrue. Cary Fukunaga was the first to bring up True Detective, saying that it was great to watch it on a big screen:

"“I mean, True Detective is great to watch on a big screen. I screened the first episode for my friends in New York at the Jane, and to watch it with a group was so much fun.”"

That is in response to a question about the rise of video on demand and how it fits in today’s entertainment world. After that, Vulture took the cue to dig even further and asked about season three. Nobody knows anything about True Detective season three just yet, including us. Also including Cary Fukunaga. He did, however, drop this interesting nugget of information:

"“I’m always involved as an EP. Am I directing it? No.”"

HBO hasn’t publicly renewed True Detective for a season three, but it’s a forgone conclusion that it will be happening. Cary Fukunaga was also gently ribbed about True Detective season two after saying that he’d never seen it, and apparently was never sent DVD copies even though he was an Executive Producer.

When asked about the director character in season two who was defiantly not, but maybe sort-of modeled on Cary Fukunaga, all he had to say was that he was so “removed” from the situation that he had no idea and has nothing to say about it now. But he did offer his own reasons for this disconnect:

"“Part of it was me making Beasts, and part of it was that they didn’t need me. Nic [Pizzolatto, the creator of True Detective] had a second season, he has his own directors, he didn’t need any input from me.”"

Nic Pizzolatto is a very guarded creator, and we have no problem believing that he felt he didn’t need any input. Whether or not he actually did is up for debate. The end result for True Detective fans is this: Cary Fukunaga will not be directing season three, but he will continue his “job” as Executive Producer.

You can, and should, head over to Vulture to read the entire interview, especially if you would like to know more about Beasts of no Nation and working with Idris Elba.

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