The Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Commercials are the Gifts That Keeps on Giving (Video)


The Matthew McConaughey Lincoln ads are perfect. They are just the right amount of over-serious nonsense that makes for great commercial work. Granted, that’s probably not what Lincoln was going for  with this campaign, but it is what it is. They perviously provided some great fun not only for us, but also for the fine folks at SNL.

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It would appear that a decision was made to keep this train rolling, and so now we have been gifted by more commercials of Matthew McConaughey looking very serious doing famous person things and getting in a Lincoln. Some of the newer spots feature a silent McConaughey, so that makes it a little harder to link them back to True Detective.

Still, they’re difficult to look away from.

This new spot features Matthew McConaugehy getting ready for a night out on the town in an incredible walk-in closet surrounded by suits. It’s the type of setup that Frank Semyon would be seriously jealous of. A stoic McConaughey then looks directly in the camera before heading outside and into his Lincoln, only then cracking a smile.

It’s not difficult to see why these commercials lend themselves so well to parody. Hopefully this new campaign will bring the spoofs back. It’s practically begging for it. You can watch ad below and then wonder what went wrong in your life.

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