Cary Fukunaga Signs a Two Year Deal with Paramount


Cary Fukunaga is about to be a very busy man. That’s saying something, since his new film, Beasts of no Nation, is still being heavily promoted. Now, the man who wants to have his own “brand” someday — something we wholeheartedly support — has signed a major deal with Paramount. Cary Fukunaga is well on his way to becoming something of a household name.

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The news comes courtesy of The Wrap, which reports that Fukunaga has signed a two-year deal with Paramount Television. The deal stipulates that Paramount with have exclusive rights to produce and distribute Fukunaga’s television work for the next two years. This includes The Alienist, which Paramount had already signed on for.

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Fukunaga released a short statement on the deal, saying that working with Paramount so far has been “a great experience” and that he looks “forward to digging in and collaborating on a number of exciting and diverse projects.” Technically speaking, two years worth of television isn’t all that much. Especially when one considers that only a single season of TV airs a year.

With this new deal, Cary Fukunaga will have the backing of a major studio and it won’t even be for all that long, leaving the possibility for him to explore other avenues in the future. There is potentially room in the deal to extend the partnership beyond the stated two years, but that’s a conversation for the future. For now, Fukunaga is finding himself to be a hot commodity.

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Considering that he directed what could fairly be put as the only critically successful season of True Detective, there is reason to be excited for his future work in television, including The Alienist. Hopefully this new deal opens up some exciting opportunities for him.