True Detective Director John Crowley Talks About Working with Nic Pizzolatto


Cary Fukunaga, director of the entire first season of True Detective, has gone on to bigger and better things. For season two, various directors came in to take over. Surprisingly, not many of them have been talking about the True Detective experience. You’re more likely to hear from someone who didn’t work on True Detective than someone who did.

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John Crowley, on the other hand, is willing to talk about his experience directing two True Detective episodes. Crowley directed both “Other Lives” and the finale, “Omega Station.” In a filmed interview with Irish, Crowley spoke candidly about his time on True Detective. He describes the experience as ultimately being a good one, but also refers himself as a “gun for hire.”

You can watch the entire interview here, which runs for about a half hour. The True Detective segment starts at around 14:20.

This video may contain explicit language

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Like season two Cinematographer, Nigel Bluck, John Crowley describes an “assembly line” situation in which he’s only there to get a job done. He also talks about the general closed nature of the production which doesn’t have very much room for artistic input. If Cary Fukunaga considers Rust and Marty his “boys” it’s obvious that working on season two was very different when it came to establishing a link between the actors and directors.

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Still, Crowley had a good time working on True Detective and may be working on the film version of Nic Pizzolatto’s novel, Galveston. You can watch the entire interview above, which touches on many aspects of Crowley’s career. Fun fact: Nic Pizzolatto was apparently constantly changing the episode titles until the last-minute.