Westworld’s Nudity Will Apparently Not be “Out of Context” According to Rodrigo Santoro


HBO is known for many things, and having outstanding dramas is only one of them. They also have a reputation for creating series with, some would argue, an eyebrow-raising level of sex and nudity. There was a small backlash against Game of Thrones for featuring so many named women, but choosing to leave out the men. The nudity in Game of Thrones adds up to about sixteen minutes, which is either too much or not as much as you may have thought depending on where you fall in the nudity argument.

But that’s neither here nor there.

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HBO’s new series, Westworld, which has not premiered yet, came under fire for a production mandate that demanded the actors be okay with some serious sex scenes. In an interview with ColliderWestworld star Rodrigo Santoro touched on the controversy.

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It’s a cats-out-of-the-bag situation, so there’s not all that much to say about it. What Santoro does add, however, does have some merit to it. Basically Santoro says that it’s not about the particulars of the leaked contracts, but that “It is much more interesting than that, and it’s part of the whole context of the series. There’s nothing out of context there.”

That’s potentially good to hear, but the viewers will ultimately be the judges on that one. It’s a diplomatic answer that doesn’t deny that sex will play a part in Westworld, but also doesn’t go into any particulars. It’s possible, perhaps even likely, that this whole controversy has been blown way out of proportion. Unfortunately HBO fans will have to wait a bit longer to find out, since Westworld won’t be coming until 2016.

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