Jon Stewart’s HBO Content Won’t be Web Exclusive


In case you hadn’t heard, Jon Stewart will be producing “short form content” for HBO sometime next year. It hasn’t been made known what exactly Stewart’s project will entail, but it shouldn’t be anywhere near as difficult for him to produce as The Daily Show.  Since all there is to go on when it comes to Stewart on HBO is the initial announcement, many details still need sussing out.

Including just how this is going to work for traditional, cable-only HBO viewers.

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Re/code broke down the deal between Stewart and HBO, and went to the trouble of clarifying that you won’t need to watch Stewart’s new stuff on the internet. The rub is that HBO may make it a little difficult for you to watch it anywhere else. HBO will be delivering Jon Stewart the old-fashioned way, but that likely won’t be the ideal way to watch it since it will apparently be refreshed throughout the day.

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It’s also worth noting that apparently HBO is in a bit of a bind here. If they’d rather just release this new content online, and it does appear that is their preference, they are being held back by user contracts. According to Re/code, HBO is contractually obligated (at least at this point in time) to offer the same content across all of its platforms.

Re/code also cheekily points out that this only becomes apparent “when you ask them” and that they aren’t volunteering the information. HBO’s move to online content might be a way to capture more of Jon Stewart’s fanbase, which generally skewed younger during his tenure as the host of The Daily Show. It hasn’t been revealed how, exactly, more traditional viewers are going to get their hands on Stewart’s new stuff.

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It’s exciting that Jon Stewart’s time away form television won’t end up being all that long, but there are still so many questions surrounding this project. It’s a bummer, but a “wait and see” approach is all anyone can really do at this point.