Peter Fonda Joining Lena Dunham’s New HBO Pilot


Lena Dunham is ready to move beyond Girls, the series that thrust her into the spotlight. She’s reading a new pilot for an HBO project called Max, and just insisted a big name to at least appear in it. According to Deadline, Peter Fonda will, at the very least, make an appearance in the pilot for Max. He’s not set to join the series as a regular.

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Max will be Lena Dunham’s stab at a more, let’s call it normal, sitcom. She won’t be staring it; instead she’ll serve as Executive Producer. It’s not yet clear if Max will be the sort of show that will appeal to those that don’t usually take kindly to Dunham’s sensibilities, but since she’s not the driving creative force behind it there’s at least a shot.

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In fact, Lena Dunham isn’t even writing the pilot. Murray Miller, a writer on Girls, is taking over that duty. Wait, actually, maybe that doesn’t help.

Moving on, right off the bat there must be something about it that brought Fonda into the fold. After all, the man does have somewhat of a ridiculous resume, including Easy Rider. That was, however, a long time ago, leaving plenty of room in-between for some truly terrible acting gigs.

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Max takes place in the 1960’s, and is about the “second wave” of feminism and focuses on magazine writer Maxine. Ostensibly Max will play out as more of a comedy than Girls, but it’s going to be a while before we know that for sure. Fortunately for fans of Lena Dunham, Girls recently released a new trailer for the fifth season and will be returning next year.