Could a Major Character be Returning to Girls?


For those following Lena Dunham’s Girls, it’s been something of a wild ride. Some seasons have been great, while others weren’t so strong (looking at you, season two.) One mystery that touched Girls was the sudden disappearance of the character Charlie, played by Christopher Abbott, after season two. Charlie didn’t have as big a presence on the show as Adam did, but he was still a big part of the equation.

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Now, to muddy things up a bit, Abbott spoke up about a recent rumor that he would be returning to Girls. Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Abbott gave a short statement which said that he was only visiting the set. When Entertainment Weekly reached out to HBO, they declined to comment.

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It’s possible that Charlie could be returning to Girls, but it’s even more likely that he was actually just visiting the set as a friend. Charlie’s character arc, like many others, took some strange turns in season two. After not seeing him for a while, it turns out that he suddenly made a fortune developing an app and now runs a company.

It was out of nowhere, and may have motivated Abbott to leave the show, as he said that he no longer felt connected to the character.

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Frankly, if Charlie did show back up in Marnie’s life, it wouldn’t exactly be revelatory. She has moved on — though arguably not for the better — and the show certainly doesn’t need him. Unless they’re planing some major re-introduction, there really wouldn’t be any reason for Abbott to lie. Are there enough people out there that actually care about Charlie anyway?

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