Deal Alert: The Sopranos on Blu-Ray is Amazon’s Deal of the Day


Let’s talk about Black Friday for a minute. It’s the “holiday” that everyone loves to hate but still takes full advantage of — as we all should, because the deals are usually crazy. Amazon has taken the consumer-frenzy nature of the day and has been spreading it over an entire month. With new deals every day, it was only a matter of time that one of them would touch on a HBO show.

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Today is the day. For those that have been waiting around on picking on HBO’s lauded crime series, The Sopranos, today is probably the best time to do so. HBO quietly released a Blu-Ray version of The Sopranos about a year ago. It didn’t get anywhere near as much press as the recent upgrade (depending on your perspective) as The Wire, which could actually be a good thing.

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The Sopranos is Amazon’s deal today, going for $74.99. That’s not too shabby for a HBO show, but it may still be a little too high for a show as old as The Sopranos. For those that are still tied to old media, the set also includes the entire series on DVD for some reason.

Now that shows like The Sopranos are available on both Amazon’s Instant streaming and HBO GO, it’s likely that there aren’t all that many people out there waiting to snatch up a complete show, even for a deal like this. If, however, you are like me and prefer high-quality physical media, now is your time to shine.

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