Get Your First Look at Sarah Jessica Parker’s Return to HBO


There’s a lot going on with HBO. Girls is coming back, Westworld and Vinyl are coming, so it’s not out of the question to actually forget about Sarah Jessica Parker’s new HBO show, Divorce. Not that it isn’t a big deal that Parker is returning to HBO for the first time since Sex and the City ended, but it is another comedy in what is actually becoming a crowded genre on HBO.

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Divorce is going to have its work cut out for it to make it stand out. Having Sarah Jessica Parker on board will certainly help with capturing the initial viewership, but that may not be enough to carry the series. Fans of Sex and the City, however, may find a few things to like about Divorce.

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Parker will play a middle-aged woman with single friends thinning about getting a divorce. At least from the synopsis, it feels like it could it in well with the Sex and the City crowd. There’s not all that much to learn form the photo that HBO released today. That’s actually being kind — there is nothing at all to learn from the photo.

See? It’s fully in-line with the standard pre-trailer photo release that most shows get, but there’s nothing to go on here. Sarah Jessica Parker? check. That’s about it. The series is going to be a comedy, but that’s not immediately evident in the photo.

Next: HBO released a new trailer for Vinyl.

Divorce premiers next year. It will be interring to see if Parker’s presence will be enough to drive up the ratings. Hopefully it will have the material to back it up.