Is it Okay for Girls to End After Six Seasons?


The fifth season of Lena Dunham’s Girls will premiere in February. The trailer has already been released, and it’s all just a waiting game now. Is it possible that it could end up being the penultimate season? There is no official word that Girls will end after the sixth season, but the idea has been floating around. In a recent interview, Lena Dunham said that season six could spell the end for the HBO comedy.

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It’s not all that shocking to think that Girls could end in two seasons. Dunham says that she doesn’t want her show to go on too long, which many series in the past have done — looking at you That 70’s Show and True Blood. There are countless other examples of shows trying to power through when it’s obvious that they would have just let it go and ended on a high-note.

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Girls is also as show that doesn’t really need a serous conclusion. The series is about a group of friends trying to find their places in the world. What is both most interesting about it — and the most frustrating — is that things never work out. Lena Dunham as Hannah has been a barista, a teacher, a serious writing student, and a an almost published writer. It has evolved to the point that when Hannah takes on a new task, it’s already been pre-ordained that she’ll quit and it won’t matter.

Girls could potentially just end after a random season and fans wouldn’t actually be missing all that much. With her new show in the works, Dunham will be around on HBO for some time whether or not Girls does end after season six. As enjoyable a show as Girls can be, after six seasons, it will probably feel like time to end it anyway.

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I believe that’s the actual, scientifically proven point at which most fans would just let out a sigh and roll their eyes for the last time.