Cary Elwes Joins Lena Dunham’s Max


Lena Dunham has been getting around lately. Not only is Girls a hot topic due to the supposed penultimate season coming up in February, but she also has a new show in the works with HBO. Max, a comedy about feminism in the early 60’s, has previously cast other high-profile actors. This time, however, it could end up being more than just a one-off.

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According to Deadline, Cary Elwes — of The Princess Bride fame — and Mary Birdsong are set to join Max. At least the pilot, anyway. If all goes according to plan, they will both have recurring roles in the series if it gets picked up. Going just by the plot synopsis and pedigree, it’s likely that HBO will indeed put it up for a season order unless it turns out to be a true bomb.

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Max has been gaining a lot of momentum lately, and this is only the latest in may recent casting announcements. It feels like it’s full speed ahead now and it won’t be too long until we actually see a teaser at this point. It’s likely that HBO will send out a nondescript photo first to tantalize.

Lena Dunham’s recent comments combined with the momentum of Max make it feel as if she really is ready to leave Girls behind. It would be wise for fans to take the threat of season six being the potential finale as serious. After all, Sex and the City only ran for six seasons as well.

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Whatever ends up happening with Girls, at lead there will (most likely) be Max to tide over Dunham’s fans.