Game of Thrones Gets Recognized by the American Society of Cinematographers


Game of Thrones has become HBO’s biggest show of all time. Still, it took the series a long time to the recognition that such a position is usually deserved. Not until recently did Game of Thrones truly rock the Emmy’s. It’s a shame that Peter Dinklage remains the only actor that consistently wins, but it is what it is.

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Luckily for Game of Thrones, and therefore HBO, awards just keep coming. The American Society of Cinematographers have announced their nominees, and Game of Thrones has made the cut. Game of Thrones has been nominated for the episode “Hardhome,” the same episode which took home a number of Emmy’s.

It’s not surprising that “Hardhome” continues to bring in accolades. In fact, it’s barely even exciting anymore, and that’s saying something. How many awards does something have to get before it can just be shrugged off like an everyday occurrence?

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Other notable television shows that are nominated include Gotham (which is actually nominated twice,) 12 Monkeys, Marco Polo, and Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle. Game of Thrones is technically the highest rated show on the list. For the morbidly curious, 12 Monkeys sits at 57 on Metacrtic, Gotham at 71, and Marco Polo at 48.

With that said, it’s worth noting that a show doesn’t have to be considered a critical hit to have some noteworthy cinematography. The two are not mutual exclusive. “Hardhome” was one of the strongest Game of Thrones episodes last season, a season which also had some of the worst of the series thus far.

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The winners will be revealed on February 14th, Valentine’s Day.

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