Fargo was Renewed for Season Three. What About True Detective?


Fargo was preemptively renewed for season three today. Where does that leave True Detective?

To say that Fargo’s second season is getting great reviews doesn’t even really cover how great it’s doing. It’s well deserved; Fargo season two improved on season one and continues to be must-watch television for FX. Fargo’s showrunner, Noah Hawley, found what worked in season one and doubled-downed on it for season two. And now we have season three to look forward to.

So how come we’re still waiting on True Detective season three?

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There are a couple of fair answers to that question. For one, the way that FX and HBO function is different. Most networks, when receiving rave reviews and high viewership for a specific show, are quick to renew it. HBO does not function that way. HBO typically waits at the very least until the season is over to renew.

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Season two of Fargo hasn’t even ended yet and it has already been renewed for season three. That speaks to FX’s eagerness to move forward with a winning formula, and also to Noah Hawley’s openness to do more. The situation over at HBO with Nic Pizzolatto is not quite the same. HBO have apparently presented Nic Pizzolatto with several options for season three, and we’re still waiting on the outcome.

Whereas FX wants to continue with the huge success of Fargo, HBO doesn’t want another True Detective season two on their hands. Until Pizzolatto and HBO find a deal that works, True Detective season three is effectively in limbo.

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Fargo’s renewal today doesn’t bear any effect on True Detective outside of the fact that fans can now get pumped for more Fargo before True Detective. Hopefully HBO and Nic Pizzolatto can get their act together sooner rather than later, so fans of both can have their cake and eat it too.