HBO Releases new Poster for Game of Thrones that Teases Fans (Photo)


The new poster for Game of Thrones season 6 teases Jon Snow’s return.

There’s not really any other way to put this: if you haven’t caught up with Game of Thrones and haven’t been spoiled, it’s a miracle. HBO also makes it abundantly clear that it doesn’t care whether or not you’re caught up with its juggernaut, Game of Thrones, by slapping Jon Snow’s bleeding face on the poster. The fate of Jon Snow was a cliffhanger last season, and HBO is running full-steam with it.

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The puzzle of whether or not Jon Snow is dead is also one of the show’s worst kept secrets. Winter is Coming has been keeping track of the Jon Snow saga for those that need a bit of a catchup, but it shouldn’t be any surprise to learn that a production as huge and popular as Game of Thrones has a hard time keeping secrets. Not that they haven’t been trying.

Take a look:

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So, yeah. At this point the only thing that would be a surprise is that if Jon Snow actually is dead and all we’re going to get is a flashback or funeral. Considering the manner in which he was murdered in the season five finale, it’s unlikely that his brothers of The Night’s Watch have a funeral in mind for poor Jon.

Game of Thrones season six will premiere in April, and that’s when we’ll all get to see what’s going on. To be honest, it would almost be more interesting to see how they bring Jon back than whether or not he actually is coming back.

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Because he’s totally coming back.

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