Sesame Street is Back — in HBO Form


HBO has Announced a Return for Sesame Steet, Including a New Teaser.

It was a somewhat surprising move when HBO announced that they would be airing new Sesame Street. That’s not actually true; it was super surprising. Perhaps it’s all just been a ploy to remind people that HBO Kids is actually a thing. HBO tweeted out the info today, as well as a brand new teaser:

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There’s something so infectiously joyous about Sesame Street. Doesn’t that teaser just brighten your day? The next season of Sesame Street will debut on January 18th, and will stay on HBO for the next five seasons. Variety has the details on the change, stating that the show will switch to a 30 minute format and gain a new (human) cast member.

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This is the biggest shakeup at Sesame Street in decades. The show’s opening and closing will be revamped, and Cookie Monster will have his own segment. HBO is likely hoping that Sesame Street will crate an influx of new subscriptions, and it may do just that. Sesame Street is, after all, possibly the most famous children’s program on the planet.

Fortunately children not living in HBO homes will still be able to watch new seasons of Sesame Street, but they’re going to have to wait for it. The next season won’t premiere on PBS until a year from now, which, I suppose, is better than not at all.

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It will be very interesting to see if the new changes to Sesame Street will increase ratings, and what HBO’s future plans for HBO Kids are.