HBO Putting Bastards into Production, Based on an Israeli Show


HBO has put Bastards into production, based on an Israeli show.

When HBO moves forward with a new show, it tends to make a bit of noise. Take Westworld or Lena Dunham’s Max, for example. Two shows that make headlines whenever they pop up. HBO’s newest acquisition, however, has gone a little under the radar as of late. Following in Showtime’s footsteps with Homeland, HBO will be adapting the dark Israeli comedy, Nevelot, for America.

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According to Deadline, this particular American-flavored version of Nevelot will be called Bastards, and will be about two Vietnam vets living in modern-day Miami. It’s a premise that practically writes itself. The real news here is that Bastards will be produced by Happy Madison, Adam Sandler’s production company.

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Happy Madison hasn’t really been known for quality in recent (way longer than that) years, and it certainly hasn’t been known for its drama. That’s because its drama has been nonexistent. Apparently this new series will be one of several forays into the world of drama television.

To be totally fair, however, Happy Madison is also behind The Goldbergs, which is a serviceable sitcom.

The worst parts about Happy Madison have shown themselves on the big screen. With the success of shows like the aforementioned The Goldbergs, its possible that its television offerings will continue to trend upward. It’s difficult to imagine what a drama from Happy Madison could possibly be like, but there’s not any strong reason for it to immediately written off.

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After all, it’s not like Adam Sandler has anything directly to do with it.