Here’s the Best True Detective Season Two Supercut (Video)


A fan has created a supercut of all the aerial shots in True Detective season two.

True Detective season two is known for many things, some of which don’t need to be explicitly mentioned. There are other things that its known for, including its extreme use of aerial shots. Perhaps to blend in more with season one from a cinematography point of view, season two of True Detective featured a large number of aerial shots.

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The biggest difference between the shots over the two seasons is really just setting. In season one the shots are of open fields, overruling nature, and sparse houses. Season two, on the other hand, features highways and industrial constructs. This is something that we originally took umbrage with, but after watching this awesome supercut by YouTube user Ian W Arsenault, we may have to reconsider.

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Right away it’s obvious that Arsenault knows what he’s doing. The video presents Vinci and other areas of California in a stylish, darkly noir fashion soundtracked by Leonard Cohen’s “Never Mind” and other various background music. There’s something about seeing the scenes out of context that adds a sense of artistic expression that was not overtly obvious while actually watching the show.

It’s as if it all suddenly works. Or maybe it always worked but felt too close to season one at the time. Either way, this allows us to experience these gorgeous shots in a new light.

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Maybe it’s time to queue up True Detective season two and see how it holds up several months later.