Hannibal Vs. True Detective: The Crossover we Deserve (Video)


A fan has created a crossover video of Hannibal and True Detective.

Hannibal, one of the best crime dramas to come out in years — and the best representation of the character on any screen — was canceled by NBC. True Detective has not been canceled, but it hasn’t been renewed either. Nic Pizzolatto has to figure out a few things before HBO goes ahead and publicly renews True Detective for season three.

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Both shows feature what can be described as a, let’s say, crushing atmosphere and deranged killers. “Crushing” may be a bit strong, but it’s apt. True Detective, and ostensibly Hannibal fan, Nihil on Youtube saw the similarities between the two and created a crossover trailer. The video, which you can check out directly below, frames Hannibal as the killer that Rust and Marty are after:

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Hannibal as the killer in True Detective actually may be a tad more interesting than  what we ended up getting with the Yellow King. It’s safe to say that, while both shows are rather niche, True Detective almost completely eclipsed Hannibal. While it’s unclear whether to not season two of True Detective will win any awards, Hannibal has been snubbed outright.

It’s great when two fandoms can come together like this. Hannibal, much like True Detective fans, are also dedicated and creative. This fan video is so good that there should be more. In fact, there should be a series of videos of Marty and Rust trying to track down Hannibal.

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After watching this that’s really the only acceptable outcome.

Via: Reddit