Report: HBO Sets a Date for New Animated Series, Animals


HBO’s new comedy from the Duplass brothers lands in February. Also, it’s animated.

HBO is a huge network with many interests. From the dark work of The Leftovers to the dramadey of Girls, there is room for just about anything. That also means that there is room for an animated series about animals called, yes, Animals.

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Deadline reports that Animals follows a group of furry and feathered creatures in New York City. Last May HBO committed to two seasons of Animals, which is a major deal considering that the show hasn’t even premiered yet. Hopefully HBO saw something amazing in Animals and wanted to snatch up as much as possible.

While Animals is produced by the Duplass brothers production company, Duplass Brothers Television (catchy name,) they aren’t directly involved. Sort of like Adam Sandler and the Bastards situation. The show is actually created by Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano. There actually hasn’t been an animated comedy on HBO for some time, the last major one being The Ricky Gervais Show which ended in 2012.

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With the success of more adult animation outside of FOX’s usual offerings — Archer, for example — animation is proving itself as a viable medium again.

If Animals does well it could pave the way for more animated series on HBO. With this new series coupled with the potential Watchmen series, it’s obvious that HBO is interested in expanding in new directions.  Now they just have to be good.

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The first season of Animals premiers on February 5th and 11:30.