Selling Hacked HBO Accounts Could be a Lucrative Prospect. Also a stupid and illegal one.


HBO now faces the same hacking issues of other online services.

Account hacking has been around since the birth of the internet and is a problem that can never be fully stopped. As long as we continue to depend on computers in our daily lives, the risk of being hacked is always going to exist. Since I live in the future and can stream movies from Amazon, Netflix, and HBO, that’s a reality that I’m okay with.

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This is a relatively new problem for HBO. According to a report by Business Insider based on a findings by McAfee Labs, hacked HBO GO and HBO Now accounts can be had for a pittance on the dark web. For those not in the know, the dark web is known as a space outside of the confines of search engines like google. In the dark days before 2010 (before HBO GO launched) this wasn’t a problem that HBO had to face.

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It’s not actually a problem that they have to face now either, at least when it comes to taking action.

Protecting accounts is not only difficult, but a constant battle. For the likes of HBO and Netflix, it’s likely that the revelation that stolen accounts can be bought isn’t going to amount to much. There’s frankly little they can do about it, and at the end of the day it’s up to the end-user to be diligent with their passwords and who they share them with.

Access to HBO Go and Now can supposedly be had for less than $10, which is a large markup from the Netflix accounts which start at around 50 cents. Take this news as more of a PSA for diligent account protection.

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