The First Trailer for Girls Season Five is Here (Video)


The first full-length trailer for Girls season five has arrived.

Girls is three months away from entering what will potentially be its penultimate season, and the first full-length trailer is finally here. We previously got a sneak peek at season five in a short teaser about a month ago, but now it’s time to bask in the full Girls glow. If that’s your thing.

Good news for fans: Hannah and her friends seem to be as unsure of their place as ever.

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Hannah now appears to be living with her boyfriend from the previous season, Fran. And also possibly Elijah? Situation unclear, but more Elijah is always welcome. Shoshannna is living in Japan, something which we should be seeing  a fair amount of. Girls spent some time filming in Japan a couple of months ago.

It looks like Marnie is actually going get married to Desi, though Desi isn’t actually in the trailer. There’s enough drama surrounding the wedding that it could just fall apart, which would probably be for the best. Unfortunately Adam is nowhere to be seen, but Ray gives the best line of the trailer: “settle in, son, and just let the nightmare wash over you.”

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That’s biting enough to work for Girls itself, in both the best and worst ways.

This trailer promises what just about every other trailer for Girls has ever promised, which amounts to some character and growth and weird setbacks. That holds true for just about everyone except Jessa, who seems perpetually content to drift through life while being as aloof and mean honest to her friends as possible.

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The fifth season of Girls kicks off on February 21st at 10:00.

Via: Paste Magazine