The Leftovers’ Amy Brenneman Will be on Conan Tonight


Tonight’s episode of Conan will feature The Leftovers’ Amy Brenneman.

The Leftovers has reached critical mass. The second season has been a huge success compared to the first and fixed many of the first season’s problems. There is only one episode left in season two, and HBO has been lining up a series of interviews.

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Now Amy Brenneman will take to Conan tonight, following in the footsteps of Justin Theroux on Late Night with Stephen Colbert.

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The Leftovers is HBO’s current drama, and is poised to overtake other once super-popular shows like True Detective. The bad news right now is that a third season of The Leftovers effectively doesn’t exist in any form, and if HBO is going to renew it they won’t be talking about it at least until after it’s over.

The show is so hot right now that Damon Lindelof recently sat down for a wide-reaching interview to talk about the differences between the two seasons plus the revelations in season two.

Amy Brenneman is fantastic on The Leftovers, but I will forever remember her from the fatally forgotten Judging Amy:

How delightfully 90’s was that?

Anyway, The Leftovers is one of the darkest shows that HBO has to offer, and it’s possible that will be a talking point tonight. If The Leftover does have a third season, and there’s no good reason to think that it won’t, hopefully it will be able to continue the trend of season two. Or maybe even surpass it.

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It’s not bad to aim high. Conan will be on TBS tonight at 11:00.