HBO Taps Hand to God Playwright for Brotherhood


HBO is moving forward with a new comedy from Robert Askins, playwright of Hand to God.

HBO is really stepping up their comedy game lately. Not only is Veep still fantastic, and possibly the greatest political comedy of all time, but they also have Animals and Bastards in the works. HBO has always tried to be a jack of all trades; offering both award-winning drama and comedy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Hopefully this new show will be the former.

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, HBO is prepping a comedy from the writer of the Tony award-winning Hand to God. The new show is called Brotherhood and is about an underground at a Baptist university that writers for the college humor magazine while trying to party as much as possible. It’s not difficult to see the comedy there.

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HBO apparently won out in a network bidding war. The series, or at least the pilot anyway, is made up of an all-star team consisting of people who have worked on Portlandia, Man Seeking Woman, and This is The End. Those are some top-notch comedies right there.

Unlike the case with AnimalsBrotherhood will have to prove its mettle before HBO picks it up for a series order. Not even Lena Dunham can catch a break in that particular arena. While Brotherhood could definitely excel, it could also just easily go off the rails.

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The party hard college mentality has been played out countless times, so hopefully Brotherhood will be able to offer up something new. The pilot has just been picked up, so don’t expect to see Brotherhood for a while.