Watch the Trailer for J. Cole’s Concert Special (Video)


HBO have released a trailer for the upcoming J. Cole special.

HBO has been the business of concert specials for years and years. U2’s recent live special, which was canceled because of the Paris terrorist attacks, has recently been rescheduled. On top of that, HBO have revealed a trailer for the J. Cole concert special, Forrest Hills: Homecoming.

The special will be a mix of a concert and behind the scenes footage. Check out the trailer here:

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Those paying close attention will likely notice that both Drake and Jay Z makes appearances. J. Cole only has three albums under his belt but has become fairly popular without being a household name. Cole talks about the feeling of going home in the trailer and what it means to be playing a show there after making it big. It’s not necessarily anything new, but it does add an emotional weight to the trailer.

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For fans of J. Cole, the special looks like it will be something to not be missed. The concert special will air on January 9th at 10, otherwise known as the HBO magic hour.

HBO has some diverse content coming up in 2016, including this J. Cole special and a documentary on the artist Robert Mapplethorpe. Both rap and art fans will have something to look forward to next year.

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Oh, and of course Game of Thrones fans have a little something to look forward to as well. Not like it’s a big deal or anything.