HBO Shows Off Sesame Street at the New York Public Library


HBO is going full-on Sesame Street in preparation for its debut on the network.

It still feels a little odd sometimes to think that Sesame Street is going to be a HBO show for the next couple of years. The move mostly came out of necessity; Sesame Street was simply going broke running on PBS. Still, it’s a move that can still be difficult to reconcile. For the first time, families will have to pay money to view new episodes of Sesame Street, though they will air on PBS at a later date.

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HBO has shown that its serious about its acquisition of Sesame Street, and brought out a few of the monsters today at the New York Public Library for Everyday Hero’s Club,Sesame Street tradition that celebrates just being swell in everyday life. HBO PR tweeted out a picture of the event earlier today:

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As can be clearly seen, Cookie Monster and Grover were on hand, having a good time. If a move to HBO is what it takes for Sesame Street to be around for another generation of children, than it’s the right move.

It would be interesting to find out how HBO was able to win Sesame Street and not another outlet like Netflix or Amazon. Both of them have more robust children’s programming.

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It’s possible that HBO was just able to offer Sesame Street the right incentive. That is to say, more money.