Co-Creator of Sherlock Doesn’t Know if He’ll Return to Game of Thrones


Mark Gatiss, co-creator of Sherlock and Bank of Braavos Head Won’t be in Game of Thrones Season Six.

There are a lot of moving parts in Game of Thrones, the series that was just nominated for its umpteenth award. Even the big players can have a chance to shine, as is the case with Mark Gatiss’ character, Tycho Nestoris. For those unfamiliar with Gatiss, he is the co-creator of the BBC’s mega-hit, Sherlock, and a writer on Doctor Who. That pretty much makes him British royalty.

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For some (probably most,) it will come as a surprise that one of the heads of Sherlock has actually had a small part in Game of Thrones. Gatiss played the representative of the Bank of Braavos, and has had dealings with the likes of Stanis Baratheon. Over the past two seasons he can be seen in short, yet effective scenes.

But according to a short interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mark Gatiss says that he is unsure of his character’s future. Nestoris won’t feature in season six, but he’s more than willing to continue the role if the chance arises:

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"“I have hopes…I had dinner with Dan and David when we were in Croatia filming last year and I made what I thought was a very cogent pitch to be the last character alive in the whole saga. There should be a crane shot, everybody’s dead except me. Because, clearly, the only person who can survive is the bank.”"

There’s something beautiful about that. It has a sort of “diamonds are forever” feel, but without the romance. The Bank of Braavos is one of the most imposing forces in Game of Thrones, and plenty of character have shown reverence to them , including the never-cowed Tywin Lanister.

Hopefully we’ll get to see Mark Gatiss again, as he has been able to bring an imposing force to the role.

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All will be revealed in time.