HBO Has Won an Innovation Award from Variety


HBO has taken home an Innovation Award for “Leaps in Home Entertainment.”

Surely there is some award out there that HBO is ineligible for. The company is a behemoth and produces such varied content that it feels as if it’s taken home every conceivable award. It hasn’t, but it might as well have. HBO now (no pun intended) has another award to add to its shelf, this time for innovation.

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HBO’s series may be up for awards at January’s SAG awards, but the company itself took home some gold last night. Variety reports that at its own Home Entertainment and Digital Hall of Fame awards, HBO was honored for “Leaps in Home Entertainment.” The award was given to HBO for their HBO GO and HBO NOW services, making sure that they can stay relevant in an evolving digital world.

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Sofia Chang, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Digital Distribution and Home Entertainment — quite a title — spoke about HBO’s recent success:

"“It’s part of our ongoing goal to offer consumers multiple ways to access HBO programming however they choose and we have been thrilled to see consumers adopting the varied options…The big takeaway is that optionality promotes growth on all fronts.”"

That last point is important, because it’s the kind of thing that can help future-proof a company. Giving viewers different ways to consume content, and be willing to adapt as habits and technology change is worth supporting and rewarding.

Next: HBO is set to do well at the SAG awards.

Fortunately for collectors such as myself, HBO are not giving up on the DVD and Bl-Ray market, stating that there is “still growth potential,” and pointing out that the first two seasons of Game of Thrones have been released with improved sound options.