HBO GO Adds New Features for iOS Users


HBO GO has added a couple of new features for iOS devices that take advantage of multitasking.

HBO recently won an award for innovation, so it’s not surprising that the media giant isn’t exactly content to stay still. Hot off the heels of The Golden Globes nominations, HBO has brought some new updates to the iOS version of HBO GO. While not game changing, they do bring welcome updates to better fit in with the multitasking features of iOS 9.

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According to Cult of Mac, the HBO GO app has added autoplay and picture-in-picture mode. Autoplay is a welcome addition that both Netflix and Amazon Instant Video both already offer, and picture-in-picture is somewhat of a late addition that HBO NOW has already had access to. It’s worth noting that picture-in-picture will only run on iOS 9, and then only with compatible devices.

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It’s fitting for HBO to bring new features to the iOS HBO GO app considering that HBO NOW was a timed Apple exclusive. Concerning the autoplay feature, this is the first time that HBO has introduced the feature but it should roll out to its other services. HBO has been playing catchup with the other streaming giants, but even its lack of basic functions such as autoplay has not had an impact on its growth.

HBO GO has been a boon since it launched, but there is always work to be done. For example, the service still doesn’t have a search feature, something that is considering the absolute most basic feature to have.

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Baby steps, I guess.