HBO Announces more Game of Thrones Beer


A new special edition brew will be released in honor of Game of Throne’s sixth season.

Characters drink a lot in Game of Thrones. Like, really a lot. That’s a trait that can even be found in George R.R. Martin’s original novels. Perhaps the most famous imbiber of Westeros, at least currently, would have to be Tyrion Lanister. The Half-Man spent an entire trip to Essos in a drunken state last season, and that wasn’t exactly his first binge.

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To properly celebrate the brews and happy — or not so happy — drunks of Game of Thrones, Ommengang Brewery has released several special edition beers to tie-in with HBO’s juggernaut. The new beer, titled Seven Kingdoms, will reportedly be a mix of American and Belgian ale. Seven Kingdoms won’t hit shelves until March, and the announcement is so hot and fresh that Ommengang’s website hasn’t even updated to reflect it yet.

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To be honest, Seven Kingdoms is a bit of a letdown in the name department. Game of Thrones has so many other great aspects to cherrypick from. Past limited edition beers have had titles like Take the Black Stout, Three-Eyed Raven, and Valar Morghulis, to give some context. The beers have run the gament from light to dark, incorporating the tastes of most beer drinkers.

Josh Goodstadt from HBO made a short announcement about the beer:

"“With Seven Kingdoms, Ommegang has crafted another excellent brew which we know our fans will love. The world of Westeros is varied and complex and this varietal embodies those characteristics while offering a new and unique taste to beer drinkers.”"

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Basic PR speak, for the most part. Not that there’s all that much to say about the beer at this point, several months before it releases. You can tide yourself over with the teaser for Game of Thrones season six. That’s a joke, by the way, since there is no new footage in the clip.

Via: Crave Online