HBO Has a New Promo for Vinyl (Video)


HBO’s new series, Vinyl, has a new teaser trailer to bring the hype.

HBO has a lot in the oven right now, from a Robert Mapplethorpe documentary to a possible new series with Kathryn Bigelow. One of the most exciting new projects that HBO has been working on is Vinyl, a drama series about the 70’s rock scene. Personally, it’s what I’m look forward to most from HBO in the new year.

To help keep the hype strong until its February premiere, HBO has shown off a new promo. Check it out:

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It’s evident that fans of 70’s rock icons such as Television, The New York Dolls, and David Bowie have a look to be excited for. The new trailer doesn’t really give any new information, but it does further cement the sort of feel that Terrence Winter is going for here. Personal drama and the music business look to be a volatile mix, if Bobby Cannavale as record exec Richie Finestra is anything to go on.

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Passions run high in the trailer, as Finestra attempts to explain that rock music is “dirty” and that it “smashes you over the head.” Vinyl could turn out to be one of the most unique dramas on HBO, as the network as never really gotten into the music drama genre.

With the pedigree that Vinyl has — both Martin Scorsese and Mick Jager are involved — there is reason to be optimistic.

Next: More Game of Thrones beer is on the way.

Vinyl will premiere on February 14th, and HBO will likely release at least one more trailer before that time.