The Jinx’s Robert Durst to be Tried for Murder in L.A.


Robert Durst, the man behind HBO’s Documentary series, The Jinx, will be extradited to L.A.

The Jinx was something incredible. Not only for HBO, but for television as a whole. A multi-part documentary look at Robert Durst, the heir to a substantial real estate fortune, was one of the best difficult to watch events of 2015. Nothing like that had really been done before, at least not on this scale. It was made all the more harrowing when Durst was arrested for murder before the series ended.

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Even though Durst potentially, probably even, outed himself as the killer of his wife and also his friend, Susan Berman, in an off-camera interview in The Jinx, he still maintains his innocence. It’s an uncomfortable situation when entertainment mixes so well with reality, and that’s what The Jinx did so well.

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While The Jinx made it seem clear that Durst was guilty, the reality of actually making the charges stick is an entirely different matter. The Jinx made the case high-profile, and it’s fair to say that the outcome will be one of the largest talking points of the summer.

It’s not unusual for a documentary to have multiple parts, but it is unusual to have the separate parts cut-up into series length. The Jinx itself was good for HBO, but the network currently doesn’t have anything like it cooking. It’s possible that Robert Durst’s current situation would make HBO uneasy about approaching such heavy subject matter in this format, at least for the time being.

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Via: L.A. Times