The First Photos for The Leftovers Season 3 Premiere are Here


Get ready for the end

We’re inching closer to the premiere of The Leftovers’ third and final season. In fact, it’s now less than a month away, which means it’s the perfect time for HBO to start rolling out some promotional images for the premiere. The first photos for said premiere, ‘The Book of Kevin’ are now here, giving us a glimpse of what life in Australia is going to look like for Kevin and the others. We already know from the trailers that things are going to get a tad apocalyptic.

Scott Glenn (Credit: Ben King/HBO)

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If there is one person who could possibly feel at home in Australia, it’s Kevin’s dad, Kevin Garvey’s Sr. Juts about nothing that has happened so far has come as a surprise to him – he seems to be tied into powers that we know little about. No matter what happened, whether it be the actual end of the word or the saving of it, don’t expect him to be the least bit surprised.

Christopher Eccleston, Jovan Adepo, Kevin Carroll, Amy Brenneman (Credit: Ben King/HBO)

Here is a great shot of Laurie, John, Matt, and Michael. Nobody is the same now as they were in the first season – The Leftovers has always been a show about personal discovery, as well as the rapture. It’s actually nice to see a few characters standing around chatting, even if there aren’t exactly smiles on their faces. There’s certainly no reason to believe that there will be by the time the series finale rolls around.

Carrie Coon; (Credit: Van Redin/HBO)

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Finally we have Nora. Nora, perhaps more than any other character (including Kevin) has gone on an intense emotional journey. She started as close to zero as you can get, considering the her entire family was taken from her in the Departure. She has, however, grown immensely from that, and we expect her to be a major player in season 3.

The Leftovers season 3 will premiere on April 16th. Get ready.