Fargo Season 3, Episode 4 preview: Varga will bring the heat


The preview for episode 4 brings us back to mean Minnesota

The third episode of Fargo’s third season focused heavily on Gloria and her hunt for her step dad’s true identity. It spend a lot of time in the 70’s showing on Ennis Stussy started out as a promising science fiction writer before things went, shall we say, awry. Episode 4, ‘The Narrow Escape Problem,’ is going to bring us back around. In case Fargo hasn’t been serious enough for you so far, that’s not something that’s going to be much of a concern now that Vargas is back on the scene.

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Varga is, by far, the main focus here. We could him to bring hell and chaos down on the Stussy brother’s heads, and that looks exactly like what he’s going to do. ‘The Narrow Escape Problem’ will even get Ray involved, who so far hasn’t had anything to do with his brother’s problems. It make sense that Fargo would go this route after giving us an episode that was all about Gloria and her family. In fact, Gloria doesn’t even appear in the preview.

Getting back to what’s in the actual preview, we cannot wait to see Varga over at Emmit’s place for dinner. Varga, as so many of Fargo’s villains are, is a walking personification of chaos. There’s also going to be a conversation between Nikki and Emmit which will surely be an interesting meeting of minds. While it was great to see Ennis as a young man (under a different name) in a 1970’s version of California, we’re excited to get back to what we see as the main storyline. At some point Ennis is going to tie into it, but that time is not yet here.

There’s also a mention of the fated stamp, which Nikki and Ray believe is in a safe deposit box. We know that it was actually sent off to have the frame repaired. That’s likely only going to add yet another layer of confusion, which is not something that we have an issue with.