FX announces Fargo season 4 is a go and will star Chris Rock


Fargo season 4 will happen–and Chris Rock is its lead star.

Fargo has been on the minds of fans for quite some time now, and for a while there it seemed like we weren’t going to get another season. However, FX announced at this year’s TCAs that creator Noah Hawley has found some time to make season 4 happen. Yay!

Chris Rock is going to take the lead role in season 4 as the head of a crime family. It was also revealed that the series will take place in 1950’s Kansas City, Missouri and is slated to begin production in fall of 2019.

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The premise of season 4 will involve two crime syndicates fighting against one another to obtain their version of the American dream.

The two syndicates will consist of Italians from Italy and African-Americans from the South who are trying to get away from Jim Crow.

Naturally, there will be unrest between the two groups as they butt heads over their involvement in drugs and the like.

In order to bring peace, the two head of the families trades their eldest sons. They have to raise their enemy’s son as if they were their own, however, things take a turn when the Kansas City mafia’s head dies after routine surgery.

Oh my, this is shaping up to sound like one interesting series, isn’t it?

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Rock is excited to join Fargo and looking forward to working with Hawley on season 4. We are so thrilled as well, and can’t wait to see what the new season brings considering the critical acclaim Fargo has received over its past three seasons.

Although Hawley is an extremely busy man with more than enough on his plate, fans are ecstatic that he has decided to create another season and look forward to what the crime-filled season 4 has in store.

Along with Hawley, series EP Warren Littlefield and the Coen brothers will also return to work on the next season.