Fargo season 3, episode 5 preview: Ray and Nikki get Greedy


Time to start taking bets on the fate of Sy

Fargo is like a series of escalations that eventually get out of control. That’s the same for season 3 as for every other season, and that means we know that the latter half of the season is only going to get crazier. Oh, and don’t forget about the violence.

The preview for episode 5 of season 3, ‘The House of Special Purpose,’ certainly ups the escalation, with Ray and Nikki planning a blackmailing scheme (something which Ray hilariously thinks is going too far) and Sy getting into some hot water with Varga.

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Sy’s increasingly precarious position is something that we touched on in our predictions. Now he has attracted Varga’s attention from that little run-in with the police over his trashing of Ray’s car. We already know what happens to people who cross, or inadvertently cross, or even just google, Varga. We don’t have much confidence that Sy will make it to the end of the season, to be honest.

The situation between Emmit and Ray will also get a bit worse, with Emmit saying that he is “dead.” Not a very brotherly thing to say. On the Gloria front, she seems to have closed in on Ray, and she’s brought Winnie with her.

Winnie is the officer that paid a visit to Sy, so she’s in it deep, whether she realizes it or not. Gloria’s sights seem to firmly be set on the situation with the Stussy brothers, and away from Ennis. Odds are good that the Ennis story is going to reassert itself at some point – they do have the same last name, after all.

Fargo just aired its best episode of the season, so hopes are certainly high for ‘The House of Special Purpose.’