Fargo: Ray is out for blood after the Nikki Incident


The name of the game is revenge

There is a moment in last week’s Fargo, ‘The House of Special Purpose,’ in which not only can we truly see Varga for the vile man hat he is, but also feel real empathy for the situation that Nikki and Ray have gotten themselves in. It wouldn’t be Fargo if a bunch of folks got themselves into something far over their heads, and that moment has come for Nikki and Ray. We know, and believe, that Ray truly loves Nikki – even though she dodges saying “I love you” when he says it to her. Her beating in the last episode and his sorrowful reaction is gut-wrenching stuff. But now he’s out for vengeance.

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‘The Lord of No Mercy’ will find Ray out to get those that hurt Nikki, and the title is certainly a nod to that. Ray, who has mostly been led along by Nikki up until this point, has reached his breaking point. This will attract the attention of not only Gloria but also Varga, a creature that Ray doesn’t even know exists. By the way, it’s always great to see Varga and Sy have a conversation. Sy’s reaction to Varga’s turd line is priceless stuff.

It appears as if Ray is going to try to get off the grid, leading Gloria to ask Emmit where he is. The two brothers hate each other now more than ever, and it’s not likely that Emmit is going to feel a sudden urge to protect Ray after that whole sex tape incident. There is going to come a point when they’re both going to have to deal with Varga, though Ray’s point is coming up much quicker.  It will be interesting to see if the two of them could possibly band together to defeat the spreading evil, or if such an alliance is already impossible. Varga could also strike before the two of them could even come together, so there is that.

It’s not a wise idea to assume anyone is going to survive a season of Fargo except for the law enforcement whom always seem to do okay. Will Nikki and Ray be able to survive this hell of their own making? How do 50/50 odds sound?