Fargo: Emmit will have to face the evil of Varga


Who else knows about Emmit’s stamp?

We’re about to tread into episode 8 of Fargo, fam, and that means we are so close to being finished. Is it just us, or has this season gone by incredibly fast? Either way, episode 8, ‘Who Rules the Land of Denial?’ is almost among us. This is Fargo’s boldest preview of the season, so we’re going to mark a spoiler warning just in case you missed it after last Wednesday’s episode. That’s right, what we’re about to discuss could turn into a rather large plot development. While it would be odd for a preview to give such a thing away, this is Fargo, a show which sometimes follows a “whatever goes” attitude.

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There are a couple of things to point out here. First off, someone is surely trolling Emmit. Found all around his office are copies of the fabled Stussy stamp. It’s not clear who could be doing it (Ray is dead, Nikki is MIA.) It could be Varga having a bit of fun; creating a bit of chaos. Gloria is understandably worried about Nikki, who hasn’t been seen after the crash, though our money is on her being with Mr. Wrench.

The real meat here, however, is Sy. What is going on with Sy? At the end of the preview he appears confused, or perhaps hitting on the realization that he has been murdered, and then collapses. Of course, it could turn out that he isn’t really dead and Fargo is just having a bit of fun with us, but that fall feels definitive. We also know that Sy has been in trouble for a while now, and not only with the police – Varga would very much like to get him out of the picture.

We also knew it was a bad idea to get too attached to Sy.