Fargo: Gloria is ready to go in for the Kill


Metaphorically speaking, of course, Gloria on Fargo looks ready to kill.

The previous episode of Fargo, “Who Rules the Land of Denial?’ was perhaps the series’ darkest hour. It also stands tall as one of the finest episodes that Fargo has ever produced, so now the question is where season 3 is going to go from there. The teaser for episode 9 (besides reminding us that it’s the penultimate episode) isn’t all that clear. It’s certainly not that clear as the previous teaser, which showed a poisoned Sy collapsing. What we can take from it, however, is that Gloria is ready to bring Emmit down.

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It also looks like the rest of the police far are finally falling in line behind her, though the new chief isn’t seen here. It’s also worth pointing out that Gloria still has no idea who Varga is, for better or worse. There is even some doubt that Varga will actually be discovered and brought to justice – our money is on no. ‘Aporia’ promises more confusion, and wisely leaves out both Nikki and Mr. Wrench, leaving us to wonder about their fate. The story, it looks like, is shifting its focus back to Gloria, at least for this episode. Surprisingly, she hasn’t been the main focus, which breaks the tradition of that Fargo started with the Solverson clan.

At the end of the previous episode, Emmit was ready to give himself in. We don’t, however, expect that to go as well as he thinks it will. In fact, there is a reason to believe that Varga has orchestrated this event – who else could deck Emmit’s office out with stamps and get Ray’s car? It could be that Varga is getting ready to get out-of-town, and for that to happen Emmit has to go down. Even if Emmit is so bold as to directly mention Varga in his statement, there will likely be little evidence of him to be found.