Fargo season 3 finale: Varga is in some serous trouble


Get ready for what promises to be an intense season finale for Fargo!

In case you’ve lost track of it over the course of the past nine or so weeks, there is only a single episode of Fargo left. It’s almost hard to believe, isn’t it? This season has been engrossing despite its sometimes glacial pace.

While it felt like that there was going to be a solid B storyline based around Gloria’s stepdad, that didn’t end up materializing. Vargas, however, has been a black hole – David Thewlis has delivered a phenomenal performance, and consistently steals every scene he’s in. But now it’s time to end it all.

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The fix is in for poor old Varga, it would seem. Not only does Nikki know who he is, but she has also followed through with her threat to reveal him. The season finale, ‘Somebody to Love,’ will be the first, real time, that Gloria will have actionable cause to set her sights on Varga.

But he doesn’t seem to know that. Emmit is also in a massive amount of trouble, ostensibly from Varga, though it’s not explicitly stated in the preview. He will also apparently learn that someone close to him has been working with Varga the entire time.

Nikki is a survivor, and at this point we expect her to make it through the season. Whether or not she’ll be able to get revenge on Varga is not quite so clear. Even though Varga is in more trouble than he realizes, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if he is able to slink back into the shadows.

There is something about him that feels eternal and untouchable, though we’ll see. The fact that he’s in trouble at all is a bit exciting, it must be said. It’s no easy to predict how Fargo will end its third season, and we feel down for just about anything. How about you?