Orphan Black Recap: “Beneath Her Heart”


While the first two episodes of this season on Orphan Black have split focus between multiple clones, “Beneath Her Heart,” chooses to focus on just one.

Orphan Black started out with the clone trio of Alison, Sarah, and Cosima so it makes sense in the final season that each will get her own goodbye. With Cosima still on the hunt for the cure and Sarah undoubtedly going to make it to the final episode for a showdown with Rachel, Alison is the first one up to get her own episode.

Over the years, Alison’s uptight suburban mom storylines have usually offered a bit of levity to Orphan Black because of how outlandish it ended up being. Whether it was her accidental murder of Aynsley (who appears in a flashback tonight), or the accidental murder of Leekie, or even the drug-dealing business Alison and Donnie get themselves caught up in.

Unfortunately, no matter how entertaining the two of them are, Alison gets hit with a dose of reality when reminded of how useless she is compared to the rest of the clones. “Beneath Her Heart,” returns Alison to her former self, when she tries to find a reason to be helpful to her sisters while still trying to retain some sort of normalcy in her life.

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While trying to gain control of the Church Fair after losing it previously, Alison’s scenes are intercut with flashbacks to before her Clone Club life. Back in the day, Alison can’t come to terms with being a clone and chooses to ignore Beth’s many texts.

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During her poor mushroom trip, she breaks down about having a face like everyone else while despairing that Donnie has such a normal one. It’s fun to see Donnie back in the day as the one guy who refuses drugs and still acts squirrelly when his wife accuses him of leading a double life.

However, during her trip, Alison gets a pep talk from Aynsley that if she feels like she has a different purpose in life then she should chase that opportunity. This seems to be the push that she needs in order to finally embrace her sisters despite being terrified of Cosima during her trip.

Alison reverts back to her old habits in the present day, accepting an offer of weed from her old dealer Ramon. She gets to have a much more enjoyable time in a bounce house, while Donnie gets served a bogus search warrant courtesy of Rachel. The Neolutionists suspect that he actually knows where Helena is (he does) and hopes that they can pressure him into handing over the information.

He begs Art to keep the police out of his garage while he goes to chase down Alison and update her on the situation. Of course, his stoned wife is basically useless so Donnie calls Sarah in hopes that she and Felix can bail them out of this situation.

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Unfortunately, Donnie turns out to be unable to keep her together because he accidentally drinks Alison’s drugged iced tea she meant for the head of the Fair. After collapsing on stage, Felix and Alison rush to help him on stage where she gets to give a triumphant speech finally confronting the judgmental people of her town.

Yes, they look down on her but these her hypocritical neighbors have all bought drugs from her yet choose to push her aside the moment she’s outed. Her speech in “Beneath Her Heart,” marks the scene when Alison completely embraces the clone club realizing that she doesn’t need the adoration of her community when she has the undying loyalty from her sisters.

“Beneath Her Heart,” also marks the first time this season that a clone has gotten the upper-hand on Rachel. Alison realizes that her evil blonde-bobbed sister can’t allow the publicity of Leekie’s murder come out so she manages to force Rachel into getting her cronies out of her house.

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It’s a nice payoff for the clone who has always been underestimated despite everything and Rachel definitely has a newfound level of respect/hatred for her. Yet, Alison isn’t the only one who shows her devotion to the cause, when Art takes out his gun willing to shoot his new partner if she plans to arrest the Hendrix’s. With his loyalty firmly spoken for, the battle lines for the inevitable war are officially drawn.

With the exception of Kira, who seems to be warming up to her Aunt Rachel.  We still don’t know much as to why she is so special other than her remarkable healing qualities. The growing bond between the two will undoubtedly weaken the one with Sarah, and it’s scary to think of the outcomes than can come from this storyline.

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Orphan Black ends a stellar episode with Alison departing for an unknown location and singing a tearful goodbye duet with Donnie. With Helena and Alison safe, it leaves the other clones’ fates up in the air. Next week looks like a very Sarah and Mrs. S centric episode so tune in for more family drama!