Star Trek: Discovery headed to San Diego Comic-Con


CBS has announced plans for Star Trek: Discovery cast and crew to appear at San Diego Comic-Con.

It looks like CBS’ brand new Star Trek series is headed to the nerd Mecca of San Diego Comic-Con.

This may seem pretty standard for a brand new science fiction series, but last year’s Star Trek panel wasn’t a huge success. Last year’s panel was supposed to be focused on the 50th anniversary of Star Trek but with then Star Trek: Discovery showrunner Bryan Fuller hosting the panel it was expected that Discovery would play a big part. In the end, however, Discovery wasn’t talked about and fans only got this very short trailer at the end of the panel.

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The trailer was not well received by the fans. Some fans were angry that more of Discovery wasn’t shown or explained, while others were upset about the ship’s design. In the end, the fan backlash got so bad that Bryan Fuller and CBS announced that none of the trailer was final, including the ship design. This of course only made things worse as fans felt they hadn’t really been shown anything at all then.

Hopefully this year the Star Trek panel at San Diego Comic-Con goes much better. CBS does seem to be turning things around for the show in regards to fan relations. This week it was announced that Star Trek: The Next Generation star Jonathan Frakes would be directing an episode of the series. This was a great move that put many Trekkies more at ease with the direction that CBS was taking their beloved franchise.

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