Stranger Things Drops A New Poster and Premiere Date


Fans of the nostalgic Netflix series, Stranger Things, rejoice!

Stranger Things season two will officially be hitting screens on October 27, ahead of its originally teased Halloween premiere. Along with a new poster and date, Netflix released a short video on Twitter with the tagline, “1984 only gets stranger,” promising fans an even wilder ride in the show’s sophomore season.

While the new poster doesn’t feature any of the adult characters (or Eleven!), it does see the merry band of misfits all riding their bikes into an ominous looking storm. Fans of horror movies will recognize the influence of early Stephen King films like The Stand or The Mist. Looming overhead appears to be the “Thessalhydra” which the boys foreshadowed during their game in the finale.

With Will (Noah Schnapp) still struggling with his return from the Upside-Down, Stranger Things will probably take a more dramatic turn into horror similar to It.

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Stranger Things left off with almost everything back to normal despite all of the extreme events the characters suffered from. Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Nancy (Natalia Dyer) are grieving from the loss of their friends without ever getting justice for them.

The little town of Hawkins will be seeing some new faces with series newcomers Paul Reiser, Sean Astin, Will Chase, ad Brett Gelman promising to stir up some trouble.

Not to mention the monster in the picture above probably means that Hawkins Laboratory is up to no good once again and that Hopper will be forced to clean up their mess. Considering the show is still following four young boys and heavily leaning into the Stephen King influence, it seems like Stranger Things will morph into a dark coming-of-age story for this upcoming season.

While Netflix originally debuted the show last year to become a summer hit, it’s now holding off on releasing this season until the fall. Since Stranger Things will be taking place over Halloween (but debuting October 27), this season is all but guaranteed to be bigger and scarier.

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