Will Marvel announce a new television series at D23?


While Lucasfilm may be skipping out on Comic Con this year, Marvel will be attending both the infamous San Diego convention along with D23.

At both events, they’re expected to release a lot of new information and trailers for upcoming projects but the question remains whether they’ll unveil any television plans for 2018? With such large focus on their movies as well as the hype surrounding the next Avengers film, Thor: Ragnorak, and Black Panther, it seems unlikely that their small screen will get much notice at D23.

Looking at the schedule for the Disney convention, it doesn’t seem like Marvel will have as massive of a presence compared to Lucasfilm or Disney itself. In fact, if a television series is announced, it is likely that it will be of the animated variety since that seems to be the major program planned this weekend.

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With Marvel taking such a big risk with Inhumans, which hasn’t been received well by fans following teases for the show, it makes sense that they would want to wait to see how it does on ABC before making plans for another live-action venture. On Disney XD, the animated series like Ultimate Spiderman, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Avengers Assemble have thrived as well as cultivated a younger audience.

If anything, it would make sense for Marvel to introduce an animated Nova series because the character has already been introduced in Ultimate Spiderman and would fit in well with the current Guardians television show.

With Fox bringing their new X-Men show, The Giftedto SDCC with a massive promotional campaign, if Marvel was to announce a new live-action show then it would most likely be at Comic Con.

The success of the Netflix series allows Marvel the opportunity to introduce more “adult-oriented” shows they could take to the streaming network, like the upcoming Punisher series that they’re unable to do at D23.  With Fox slowly hoping to build up its own X-Men cinematic universe similar to Marvel’s they may hope to pull focus from the burgeoning film/television franchise back to their own.

Especially with the recent news that the Strucker children at the center of The Gifted will be portraying Andrea and Andreas von Strucker, the children of the notorious Marvel villain, Baron von Strucker.

Considering Baron and his son Werner already exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the comic book company may feel a bit of a slight that the show is reinventing characters that already exist in their television/film world.

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Whether a new television series is announced or not, there is bound to be a ton of teasers released from Marvel over the next two weeks. D23 should fill up many fans’ hearts with their Disney and Star Wars scoop while anything not addressed will most likely be mentioned at SDCC on the weekend of July 20th.